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[HELP] Obsidian 500D RGB - Replace Front Dust Filter


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I own the Obsidian 500D rgb case,

I would like to replace the front dust filter with a simple model, without a grid (honeycomb).

The dimensions of the front dust filter on the 500D are:

15,66 inches x 8,26 inches x 0,23 inches (thickness) including frame.

if anyone knows a filter of the same size, magnetic if possible and black in color.

Corsair or other brand ... Thank you to everyone who will measure their filteršŸ„° to help me find the right one.

The 500D RGB filter:


For a uniform pattern like the one below:


Thanks everyone, Bye..

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Have you looked into https://www.demcifilter.com? They don't have a pre-done kit for the 500 but you might be able to work with them to make it happen. They do also have generic/sized filters.

The filter material is quite good but keep in mind that it does restrict airflow (as does any filter).

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