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I've upgraded my GPU from a MSI RTX 3070 to a new EVGA RTX 3080ti.  I've also been running a Corsair RM850i power supply since January with no issues at all.  Since installing the new GPU my PC will randomly just switch off.  It appears to only do it when the GPU is pushed (playing Cyberpunk).  My suspicions are the power supply, as I understand that the 3080ti can just request a chunk of power when it needs and it seems that this power draw is close to or over what the PSU is happy with and that's why it crashes.  Also, the only way to restart the PC is to first switch the PSU off then back on with the rocker switch which suggest the same.

Has anyone else run into this issue and if so is it a RMA for the PSU? - my system specs suggest an 850 is more than enough,.

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How is the GPU connected to the PSU? Are you using a pigtail cable?

How about overclocking - is that turned on? It usually is on AMD systems because the auto-overclock is pretty good.

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eeh a FTW3.. if it's like the 3090, they love to put overhungry Vbios for not much gain. when most people will see power usage in the 320 - 350W you may be well beyond 400. and if indeed you used pigtail cables, that can cause issues

Have a look at the GPU power when you play

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