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Radiator Compatibility of 7000D/7000X, Two 480 Rads Possible?


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Is it possible to fit two 480 radiators -- one on the side (pull) and one in front (push)? What if the radiators are thin, say 30mm width, and the fans are standard 25mm width. I also want to have a very thick (60mm) 420 rad on top. Another question... Is there enough room on top for push-pull (110mm clearance)? (Without mounting fans above the core chassis.)

I'm thinking to have the top rad arranged with ports on the rear, front rad with ports on top, side rad with ports on bottom.

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I'm actually waiting on some rads to test the fitment as part of my 7000X project.

That said, you'll have enough room to at least do single fans on both. I'm 99% sure that you can do push/pull on the front but not the side.

You'll want to put the radiator outlets on the bottom - all of them - so you can drain the system.

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