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Corsair keyboard with Windows, ANSI US layout


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After first time attaching my Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 MX Silent keyboard I noticed that the keys with 'special characters' (i.e. such as : , ; "\ |) are opposite to the layout of my IBM keyboard that followed the ANSI US Layout. Frankly I didn't know this when purchasing the keyboard.
I now know that I need to hit the apostrophe to get the double quote and should use the '2'-key in order to get the at-sign.

Checked some other Corsair keyboards, they are all the same in this respect.
Also checked whether Corsair would sell keycaps that would follow the ANSI US Layout, but I think that is not the case.

Not sure whether Corsair people are following the forum. 
If so, I would suggest to have a look into this and maybe offer at least a set of keycaps for these keys (19).

The box already included 10 keycaps (grey, what are they supposed to be used for??), so I guess the 19 keycaps instead would not drastically increase the price.






SnagIt-07082021 060436.png

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Hi cowul70,

Our keyboards are actually standard US ANSI. I think what you're referring to is just the flipping of the font/legends. That doesn't actually affect the use of the keyboard, it's an aesthetic choice we made is all. So for example, traditionally the @ is above the 2, pressing that would give you a 2 on the first layer, but if you hold Shift and press 2, then you get your @ sign. That's it. The same way works for our keyboards.

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