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Fans Are Running at 2000+ RPM while the cpu usage is only 3% and the temp is 40-45

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Hello There, I have a H100i RGB PRO XT and its been great and its working perfectly, but i have this annoying thing with the iCUE Software, even when my CPU is close to 0% Usage and with below 40°C the fans are running at 2300+ RPM and its so noisy its sounds like an engine and the annoying thing is that they are not on extreme or balanced they are on quiet!!, and I've tried to reinstall it, update drivers but nothing was working, any fixes ?

(Screenshot is included)


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Your coolant temperature is over 40C and thus the three presets are forcing you into an emergency fan blast. The radiator and fans regulate the coolant temperature and momentary cpu load is not relevant to their functionality. If you want to stop that, make your own cooling curve (+ button) and then choose one of the three profile curves in the corner of the graph as a base. This will allow to raise the maximum coolant temp threshold and set the other points as well. 

That said, it would seem prudent to account for why you are 10-15C over the expected coolant temperature at idle. Most people will see an idle temp of +4-7C over their room temperature, so if your room is in the low 30s then this is more or less in line with expectations. The internal case ambient temperature is always going to be the minimum case temp and obviously that varies quite a bit between location, hardware, and specific case layout/design. Most people should make their own curve and not rely on the presets designed for standard room temperature. 

If it’s an cool 16C in your room, that would suggest there is a hardware issue. 

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