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Corsair One Pro USB-Waterpump won't recognized

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hello there.

i have an old Waterpump /AIO Cooling system from an One Pro PC System (1080ti system( and this pump looks similar to a H80i v2 or H100i v2 (GT) or else.

It have a miniUSB connector, and when plugged in with usbA to mini-USB cable, it get detected in device manager as HID device and USB input device and have windows default driver installet without errors.


But iCUE software won't detect the pump, also corsair Link software v4 cannot see it.

But with older Link software v3 - i can see in Tools/Device in this software i can see as device: Corsair Hydro USB with firmware 1.0.14. i think its pretty old firmware, but when i do a manual firmware flash with this v3 Link software (i would like to use H100i firmware) the v3 software crashes after select the firmware files, because software bug with netframework 😞 i tiered already another system (windows 10 and Windows7) with various NetFramework versions, but issue with software-crash persist. With older V2 Software - iam not able to do a manual flash, becaus it say no device found (but have also found under devices this corsair hydro USB).


Is there any chance that i can flash a newer firmware to it, or use another software so i can change the Fan Curve stored in this pump?


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