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Corsair 4000d Airflow. PSU cover mounted fans?


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Good Morning!

So I have 2 ML120 fans sitting around after I ordered 6 for my case and ended up getting 2 more that came with my AIO. Needless to says these fans have been sitting for a bit I decided to throw them in my case last night and see if it helped with temps at all. Not sure if I should be pushing or pulling air in or out of the case. Has anyone tried this before? Case has great airflow just didn’t want these fans sitting. Attached are some pictures of how I set it up



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Hey DirtyJerk210, great looking build!

The most optimal layout with those 2 extra fans would to have them in a pull configuration to move air upwards to your exhaust.

The additional fans may also help with GPU temperatures as it is receiving direct flow. 

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