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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 - how to disable backlit entirely?

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Just unpacked my new keyboard. However, I don't want any backlit at all (never). 
Regretfully haven't found a way to disable it.

How to accomplish this?


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You will need to use the software to turn off the "hardware lighting" and the then the software controlled lighting.   You will need to use CUE 3 or 4.  Not sure if you are currently using either as your HW specs look like there are no other CUE capable devices.  The exact directions differ a bit for each version.


1) Hardware Lighting - on the K70 Mkl2 you do this by saving a HW profile to the keyboard with a static black 0,0,0 layer.  No layer at all should work as well, but I find the black layer easier to remember its purpose vs lost/corrupted data.  You create the black static lighting in any "Hardware lighting" tab from a normal profile or you can use the special hardware profiles (K70 HW1, K70 HW2, K70 HW3) created in the profile list when you first connect the KB with the CUE software running.  You must create the lighting effect in the Hardware Lighting tab.  Then go to device settings and click on one of the three save slots.  You should see a standard save progress bar and completion notification.  The KB should now stay dark when CUE is not running, including boot.


2) Software - In the default profile or any newly created software profile, add another black static layer to the board.  This one is a bit easier.  Once done, designate that profile as the "default" profile by dragging it to the top of the list in CUE 3 or marking as such in CUE 4.  Names are irrelevant and there is nothing special about the auto generated default profile.  I suspect you don't intend to use the software, but this will keep it dark if you need to load it up for altering other settings.  Rather than uninstall, I suggest setting the app not run on start up so you maintain your ability to change settings.


There are three keys above the F1-F4 bank for changing profiles brightness etc.  If the above is too complex or not cooperative, you simply can click the brightness button down to zero and the KB will go dark.  However, I suspect it may revert back to on with the next cold boot.  Either way, user choice as to whether to configure the dark profiles or simply turn down the brightness.  If you do use the profile method in paragraphs 1 and 2, you also may want to turn off these three keys.  They have separate lighting assignments in the "Performance" section for the KB.  



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Thank you very much indeed!

Ah, yes, the brightness key: pushing the brightness key 3x did it indeed.
Actually I pushed that button twice  and stopped, assuming they were for different brightness levels only, hence didn't go further.
If I would have pushed it a 3rd time, the matter would have been solved. Ahum...

Again, thank you for your elaborate reply.

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