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Is iCue Software broken or am I missing something?


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Hello everyone, I had been using iCue software since I built this new rig last year and I had very few issues. I actually played with it more not too long ago and realized this whole time I hadn't set my channels properly.

"Channel One" is an "RGB light strip" built in to the "Spec Omega RGB" case and "Channel 2" was set as a 4-piece light strip.
However, Channel 2 was actually supposed to be 4 HD 120 RGB fans. I eventually corrected the "Channel 2" type mistake and then it was working fine. 

But recently I'm noticing the lights getting weird again. Usually it does this if there is an update. Neither the firmware or iCue has an update at the moment and I have not changed the settings at all recently, since it had been working fine up until this boot cycle.

So today when I booted Channel 1 was fine. On Channel 2 one of the four fans had no color and fans 2-4 would be colored with only 2 light bulbs on instead all 6 or 8 light bulbs in the fan. Remember I prefer "No Lights On" which had been fine after the computer booted until today.

*Update*, after like 10 minutes of the computer being booted my default profile settings (which is no lights) took effect.

My current issue seems to be there is a "Hardware Lighting" setting of "Rainbow Wave" on both Channel One (The built in RGB Strip for my Spec Omega Case) the  and Channel 2 (The 4 fans) that is overriding the "Default Profile. (I'm not sure if this is a DEFAULT it is just named "Default") for an unknown period of time until it switches automatically to the Default Profile which should be the no RGB mode I prefer".

Basically,  the effect I am trying to accomplish is setting up a "toggle mode" with ALL RGB off or on.

By default, when my computer is on (I use my computer mostly at night and I find  RGB to be distracting at this time of day), I want the RGB off, without having to worry about hardware defaults altering this.

I tried to use instant lighting (which I would think would instantly change all my lights to the static color or Off) but I'm not sure Instant Lighting is functioning properly, because even when I click on it and then a color I don't see the changes in my fans or light strip.

I am aware this is a very newbish question so please spare me the "OMG such a newb" hate comments laugh if you must but you don't need to comment in the post how much of an idiot I am or why would you get RGB if you don't like RGB.

I simply need a tutorial on how to properly get instant lighting to do what it is supposed to do, or to set my profiles to have all RGB off. Clicking under Hardware settings in my Lightning Channels appears to do nothing and as I've already mentioned these hardware settings appear to override anything else I set up, until iCue software decides to override the hardware settings. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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“Hardware Lighting” is the device behavior when CUE is not running, like at boot, shutdown, or any time you manually exit the program. These effects must be stored on the controller so the choices are fewer and of lower complexity. 

If CUE is running then you are in software mode and the normal “lighting effects” section will be the dominant effect. Full choice of effects and multiple lighting layers are possible. 

For Hardware Lighting to stay “dark”, you will want to set a static black 0,0,0 RGB value for those devices. In the software mode, static black or no effect at all should create the same outcome. 

Instant Lighting is a color layer placed over the top of any current lighting effects, essentially a color blanket. If you have Rainbow Wave in the lighting effects and then choose Instant Lighting blue, everything CUE controlled should be blue. If that is not occurring, there may be a hardware problem with one of the LED strips. You can use this to temporarily turn off all LEDs, but it is universal and may not survive a restart. It is better to set each device to black in the Lighting Effects tab than to re-enable instant lighting each time. 

The behavior of the HD fans is somewhat concerning. There is no setting that should partially illuminate select fans, unless you manually set an effect just to a few specific LEDs. I don’t think that is in play. Most often this means an issue on the beginning part of the LED circuit. 

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