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Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Mic Too Quiet

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I recently bought the Virtuoso XT from a BestBuy and it seems like I can make it work for me after getting some third party earpads because the stock ones are super shallow and hurt my ears. However, the main problem I'm having is that the mic is too quiet. I've already maxed the volume on windows (properties > levels, headset microphone is set to 100.) For whatever reason there is no mic boost option though. They mic volume is also maxed in the iCUE software. I've tried far too many solutions, updating drivers, reinstalling drivers, rebooting the headset (holding mute), and went through many other windows 10 audio issue threads. I've only heard good things about the mic so I'm left to assume my headset is faulty.

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6 hours ago, Corsair Elito said:


Is it low using a specific software or program?  Discord or anything similar?

If you uninstall iCUE do you have the same issue?

I am trying to use the mic for Discord. The input volume is already maxed there aswell. I have also tried both the windows voice recorder and OBS and both seem too low. I have to speak loudly with the mic right next to my mouth for OBS to even reach yellow on max volume unless I just artificially boost the db. For reference my wired logitech g pro headset's mic easily reaches yellow when comfortably away from my mouth and speaking normally. Uninstalling iCUE does not help the issue.

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I have already replaced the headset and the second pair has the exact same issue. Now I have to waste even more time getting a refund on these. Absolutely worthless support on a $270 headset, I will be avoiding Corsair in the future.

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