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Hello! So recently I built my brothers computer for him, In it I used a 16 GB (2x8) kit of Corsair Vengeance RBG RAM, and 2 light enhancement sticks just for looks. The Mobo is an Asus TUF X-570 Plus WIFI. Sometimes in iCue the RAM RGB freezes or stops working or won’t let it be controlled. Does anyone have experience or a fix with this issue?

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Most of the time this issue is related to competing RGB programs fighting over control of the RAM. In this case that would be Armory Crate (Asus) and CUE. There is a hand off plugin in CUE that allows it to access the MB RGB sections. Is this on or off? (CUE settings -> “enable plugins”).  It can be on, but then you don’t want to use Armory Crate to make RGB changes. If you need to use AC for control of the D-RGB strips, then you may want to disable the plugin. 

How frequently does this occur?  Most people see it on the first boot, but it is not reoccurring throughout the day. If it does show up with the red triangle you likely need to reboot (CUE 3) or in CUE 4 you can restart the Corsair Service from the app settings. 

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