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Limited Software Mode Issue

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My fans have been going nuts since a update a few months ago, which I didn't know happened until I heard said fans going nuts, so I dug into it - the update completely removed limited software mode, which my 115i Elite Capellix was running prior to the update - so now I can't even change my fans over at all. Changing their curves does nothing because I assume it's still running in limited software mode. Maybe?

Fan curve changes in iCUE does nothing, and curve changes wont save per profile - i.e higher fans for lightroom etc.


As an aside, I had it running in limited software mode originally because iCUE kept saying the CAPELLIX was disconnected or errored out, and when it wasn't doing that, iCUE was just crashing away in the background.

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Apparently the iCUE uninstall option to remove all previous settings and profiles was not doing that - when I manually removed them and then installed iCUE this issue was addressed it seems but it's still unfortunate that Limited Software Mode is gone.

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