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Hi, i seen already post like my but i will repet and ask for some software update.

I bought few days ago Legion T5 desktop pc. OEM cooler was basic so decided go for H100i cooler.

Cooler byself its working very good and cannot complain, however...

When ever i connected cooler via (your factory cabel usb > motherboard), Windows App can see cooler, can control modes but RGB led its not working at all. I read it before and can say. Yes I connected everything properly. I download software version recommended on ur website everything should be fine but not blinking okay, shit happend. maybe led was factory mistake. But can somebody explain to me how the flying f... whenever i have connected cooler has not recognaized usb device in manager and my bluetooth device is stop working. cannot find bluetooth module in my pc. turn it off pc, disconnect cooler, turn on pc. Magic, bluetooth speaker connected. Turn it off again, connect cooler to usb, turn on pc, bluetooth doesnt exist, restart, cooler disconnect bluetooth on. 


What just happend here? xD

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