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Add ARC to lighting link


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Hey guys! Need some help over here:

I have a commander pro controlling my 4 fans and im using the Arc preset. I recently got a H100i platinum SE and it has Arc as well. But, unfortunately, i cant sync my h100i to match the rotation of the commander's fans. I saw that i can sync everything with lighting link but there is no Arc option available.

How can i use Arc on everything and match the colors/rotation?

Here is my link options:



Here you can see that i have arc on my commanders option:



On my H100i:



And my setup:




hope you guys can help! Thanks


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Despite the name, Arc is a series of contrasting pair of inner/outer rings in opposite directions.  In order for it to work, it there has to be an inner and outer ring.  That excludes most of the lighting devices that don't fit that construction, like KB, mice, strips, LT100, ST100, Hydro X, SP-Pro, ML-Elite, ML-RGB, SP-Elite, and HD fans.  The only products that do fit that design are the LL and QL fans, which is why both have several unique presets to take advantage of thie rings with Arc being one of them.  So while you happen to have the only devices that can do the Arc lighting, it's not a Lighting Link choice because those are the only two and Lighting Link effects are global for the entire system.  


It should sync up if you set it two fixed 2 color mode, then toggle to a different profile and back to reset the lighting clock to zero.  The random color generator is going to give random results because you have to run two instances of the effect.  


By the way, you do have the option of moving the Platinum SE fans RGB wires (only) to your other lighting controller with the 4 case LL fans.  This would put them under the control of that device for lighting and all 6 fans would become one continuous circuit 1-6.  Arc would be the same across all of them.  That separates the pump LED from the fans, but that might be a better compromise both for Arc and any other sequential lighting effect.  The AIO fans up top would go into the 4+5 slots on the hub (or 2+3 if running reverse from back to front).  Then change the Lighting Set-up on the controller to "LL fans x 6".

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