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Electrical Buzz from the PSU

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So basically I have a Corsair TX650M 80 Plus Gold since December 2020, and last week or so I started noticing that from the PSU it was coming a slight electrical buzz sound (I can hear it from 20cms or so. If it's nighttime I can even hear it from my bed). It's important to say aswell that it sounds even when the switch is off, as long as the PSU is connected to the power supply, it will make that sound, so the fans are not the problem here. PSU screws are tight. I've also tried to plug the PC to other places in the house... and there were no differences. The computer is over my desk.

BTW, I'm adding a YT link with the sound I recorded with my phone next to the back of the PSU.

Hope someone can help me with this problem. If I'm missing important information, make sure to ask me whaever you need to know.

Thanks in advance.


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