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Ability to exclude certain apps from media keys? Or target only specified apps? Strafe Mk2


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Been having an issue when I have Google Voice pulled up in a web browser (not focused, just in the background.) If I hit play/pause on my Strafe Mk2, it will randomly playback a voicemail instead of changing Spotify. 

Is there a way I can force the media keys (via iCue or elsewhere) to link up with just one app, or give one app first priority? Anything like that? I looked around in the options, and can't seem to find anything. Is there some sort of macro/script I need to explore to do so? I am relatively new to Corsair products after leaving Logitech, so I am still definitely learning.


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You can do this by bypassing the ban on your Google account. There are several most common ways to bypass FRP after a reset. Some may seem too simple, others, on the contrary, will require more time and some knowledge from the user. In general, everything is done consistently. For example, I need to import google sheets data to bigquery, and I do the same in the case of the app. After that I go to Google settings by clicking on the gear icon. It remains to find the place where it says about the license. Click on the license and see a window with a lot of text. At the top will be displayed as a list of all licenses, and a little below, the text describing their purpose.

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