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More than 1 light node?

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So I will try and make this as brief as possible. I have 5 ll120's going to the commander pro. Lighting channel 1 goes to the rgb hub for the fans, channel 2 goes to 4 daisy chained led strips. Basically both lighting channels on the commander pro are in use. Side story my original commander pro was doa, I wasn't sure if it was the pro or the rgb hub so I got a 2nd one of each. It ended up being the commander pro so I have a 2nd rgb hub. I recently purchased a rgb anti sag bracket for my gpu, its obviously not corsair but I've seen videos on how to manipulate icue into thinking it is a corsair product. The question is can I plug in the rgb hub into channel 2 being occupied by the led strips and then plug in the strips and the rgb bracket to the 2nd rgb hub, and if so do I need to worry about any kind of excess amperage 

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OK ... so what I'm fixin to tell you is not supported by Corsair and uses 3rd party products.

Since you have a second RGB Hub, you can use this for your strips. You'll need to make (or buy) an adapter to put the 3-pin Corsair RGB on the 4-pin Corsair RGB Fan port. Next, you'll need to make (or buy) and adapter to connect the motherboard style ARGB to the 4-pin Corsair RGB Fan port.

You won't have to worry about amperage at all. You can put up to 12 Corsair RGB strips on a single RGB Fan LED Hub. Again, not supported but I've been running 24 strips off of 2 fan hubs for going on 3 years.

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