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ICUE cut my XPS17 laptop battery life over half even with it exited!

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For two days I have been chasing down why my battery life on my brand new XPS17 9710 i7, FHD, 16gig, 3060 GPU has been under 3 hours. Some people report with the i9, 4k screen, and 3060 are getting over 6 hours. I was stumped until I discovered that even though my GPU usage was at 0% and according to Nvidia nothing was currently using my GPU, it was drawing 20W at idle! It took me forever to narrow it down, but I downloaded Batterybar to display my discharge rage, and HW monitor to display my CPU and GPU power draw. In HWmonitor if you go to sensors and scroll down to CPU Total System power and right click it, you can add to taskbar. Do the same for GPU power. This is how I discovered the 20W draw at idle. Long story short while watching these I started to shut down services in task manager and what do you know, a corsair service(That I kept reopening when I would close it) was the culprit. No idea why this was drawing 20w from my GPU at idle when it was not even in use, but after uninstalling ICUE, my power draw is 0. My battery in my laptop currently sits at 4hr 15min at 58% left. Why would corsair ICUE cause this issue? My CPU wattage dropped as well. My discharge rate went from over -20,000mW to now -6,00mW. Does anyone have an older version of ICUE that does not draw so much from CPU and GPU even if you close the program?

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My Legion 7i had this problem too. I thought it was some other application so I didn't completely uninstall iCUE. Even I fully turn off iCue program, it used quite a lot gpu wattage around 20-30w and cpu around 10w. And it only left 1.5 hour for me to use on battery. So I have to uninstall iCue completely, and guess what, the problem solved and I have over 4.5 hrs on battery. 

Please Corsair engineer, fix this critical battery related issue. It would convert the laptop to desktop again.

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