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Hi guys.

I have just purchased a Corsair 1000D case to replace my outgoing 900D build, and have bought most of the items but could really do with some help and guidance plus links as to what is needed to get my 17 or so Corsair LL140 AND LL120 fans up and running with the right hardware.

1 x 480mm UT60 Rad 1 x 420mm UT60 Rad plus exhaust 


Number of Fan hubs for speed / Led / A-RGB



A diagram for setup would be a great help.

The 1000D has 1 x Commander pro

My fans so far have.(MORE ON THE WAY).

The double 140mm packs have 2 x light node pros and 2 x 6way rgb hubs

The 120mm tripple packs have 2 x light node pos and 2 x 6 way rgb hubs.

the other 4 x 140mm LLfans are single ones and do not include nodes or hubs.

Could i ask how other forum members have wired everything up using splitters / extenders  and aftermarket hubs along with corsairs to get up and running with the icue software please.


Links to powered hubs /extenders/led/argb hubs and splitter cables would be really app.

Also has any members on here used the EK quantum 360 Kinetic FLT res in 1000D,or used in connection with Corsair icue software,(will it pick it up so i can adjust the speed and view temp,or is it not compatible.

I do not want to use the motherboard/bios to check all the time.

i use my Aqua computer Aquaero and round res in my old 900D build at the mo.

Any info/ help would be greatly app .




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Start with Zotty's 1000D Build Guide:


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