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CX 750F RGB - horrible grinding noise soon after PSU put under load + coil whine

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Good day,

I have recently purchased and installed a CX 750F RGB PSU in my build. The PC boots and is stable. According to HWINFO64, the motherboard is reporting acceptable voltage deviations.

However, my particular PSU seems to be plagued with noise issues. Whenever my PC starts drawing power (gaming, benchmarks) from 180w and above, I can hear a horrible grinding noise shortly after a strenuous appilication is started and the PC starts sucking power. This noise, however subsides shortly after. When the PC returns to idle, the same grinding noise can be heard.

Here are sound samples of such behavior. The load is approximately 250W total, with an ambient temperature of around 20C

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WZ18T_c2V2hSFl1gOqPuWwYLzW8q2T-L/view?usp=sharing  (ignore the crack at circa 0:21, it's my chair being loud)



After about 25-30 minutes of intensive gameplay, the PSU starts buzzing, which i attribute to coil whine. It is, however quite loud and distracting (I can hear it about 6 meters away).

The PSU is otherwise extremely quiet, without any rattling nor coil whine, when idle. It is placed with its fan facing downwards, with plenty of room to breathe.

According to HWINFO64, the motherboard is reporting voltages that are within spec and perfectly safe. I have included the report in the attachment below.

Before that, I used an XFX TX550W 80+ Gold, with no such issues whatsoever.


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