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New CPU - Detecting same AIO as new

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Hi all,

I recently changed my CPU to a 5900x, and in doing so, when I open iCUE it's now detecting my AIO as something completely new.  It displays it as Name (1).


Because of this, i've now lost all my profiles lol.  Is there any way to remedy this?

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Not if you didn't export them prior to the change.  I would not have expected this, but with a motherboard change or possibly how the same MB handles a new CPUs pathways, it views the cooler as a new unique device.  


Also of note, we don't have the ability to rename devices in CUE 4 yet, so you can't make the (1) go away either.  If that is going to annoy you, export whatever profile you have now, uninstall CUE and clean out all the Corsair folders in C:Users/(name)/App Data/Roaming.  Then reinstall CUE as a first time set-up.  This will require you to redo all your settings, import the profiles again, etc., so not a hassle free event.  There is nothing wrong with the (1), but as present this is the only way to get rid of it.  

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Yeah it doesn't bother me, was just checking.

Question, I'm still running iCUE 3.32, is it worth upgrading to the newest iCUE?

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In CUE 3 you can get rid of the (1) by going to the top right corner and changing the device view to name (instead of picture).  Click on the AIO and rename it with a " " (space) after the original name.  This will get rid of the (1), but unfortunately not return the profiles.  You can rename it anything you want as well.  It just can't be the exact name as the original device saved in the files as unique.  


On the upgrade, you will need to eventually.  To accurately assess the immediately worthiness, I probably need to know exactly what Corsair hardware you are using.  There are some older products that were dropped.  https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/168741-icue-4-unsupported-products/


Most of the changes are UI appearance based, but all future improvements under the hood will be in CUE 4, not CUE 3.  Where I might push you to take the upgrade now is if you spend a lot of time programming RGB fans, strips, etc. in the profiles.  In CUE 4 lighting elements are now global (you can copy a lighting effect from the KB to the fans), but this has ramifications for the old profiles with different save structures.  People who wait too long might get ghosted out of their lighting profiles -- at least without doing some kind of hellish incremental update a few versions at a time.


The good news is CUE 4 resides in a different exact file location than CUE and it saves your prior state.  You can update to CUE 4, decide you hate it, and simply uninstall to return to CUE 3.  This also works on a version to version level in CUE 4.  No more precautionary copy the App data folder as a back up in case you need to roll back.  

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