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H100i RGB PRO XT issues after firmware update. Help!

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Hi! I updated the firmware of my water cooler to the latest version (1.01.32). Now i'm having some issues when i power my pc up. Before the update, the rgb lights of the pump appeared after 1 second, now it tooks 5 to 10 seconds to light up. Also, i'm having some kinda flushing noise that i didn't have before. I'm sure is related to this firmware. The thing is i need an older one or the one that came with the H100i. Does anyone has it? 
Thanks in advance!!!

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On 8/4/2021 at 1:29 AM, HardcoreGames said:

My rig sets beside my desk so the H115i is not a focus item. All I care is that the box boot up and that iCue shows the H115i is working.

I see firmware for some parts as I have a commander pro to handle the front and rear fans.


Hi! They replace my H100i with another one and now it's working fine. I didn't update the firmware BTW. They said it is an issue with the latest firmware. Cheers!

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