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Boot failure with dual channel RAM

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My PC fails to boot when my dual channel 3200 MHz RAM is placed in the recommended slots DIMM A2 and B2. The EZ Debug LED flashes between RAM/CPU. When I move the RAM to slots channel A1 and A2 its boots fine but shows a message while booting saying move RAM to recommended slots A2 and B2. I have seen numerous posts about this same issue along with a few possible fixes like bad MOBO, bent pins, Liquid cooler to tight on processors and a few others. Currently my system says my RAM is running at 2133MHz and supports RAM up to 2933MHz. Being that mine is 3200MHz I'm thinking I have to overclock or change some BIOS setting for it to recognize my RAM in dual channel slots @ 3200MHz. Another post I saw about the same problem and components said he fixed it by adjusting the voltage of the liquid cooler. He found half a volt on the CPU cooler over the power supply zero and grounding the foot of the CPU cooler to the power supply zero resolved the issue. Does anyone know how I might try this? I'm in need of some detailed instructions. Thank you in advance for any assistance. 

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