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LL120 Fans stuck on random colors and unable to be changed by iCue

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So I know this has been posted a bunch of times, but none of the previous threads corrected my issue. Just hooked up 6 Ll120 fans in my new pc. Originally, they were all stuck on static red except fan #1 had half an inside led that was blue. 


I'm using an MSI B550 Tomahawk motherboard. I do not have dragon center installed nor the mystic lighting plugin. None of that is present on my PC. 

I started with a Corsair lighting core (the all in one hub) and the fans were all red except the inner ring of fan #1, which was blue. I then swapped out 3 different RGB hubs, and 3 different lighting nodes. None of them corrected the issue, only changed the color of the fans from being stuck on red to being stuck on unicorn vomit (completely random colors). ICue recognized all the devices, but any change to the RGB settings resulting in nothing happening.

I unplugged all of the fans and plugged them in one by one and they all just displayed the weird random color they had before, though the different fans in different slots displayed the original weird color for that spot. I don't know what else to troubleshoot, and honestly, I'm sick of ordering replacement fans because 2 out of every 6 is bad to some degree.

I should also mention that there are random crackles from a couple of the fans as if there is a short of some kind. 


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If every single fan behaves poorly when plugged in solo, the issue is likely with the controller.  you can try forcibly reflashing it, or you may be in a situation to RMA it.

More often the issue is with a single fan in the chain which corrupts the signal passed down to every subsequent fan in the chain off the same controller.  I've had that version, and swapping the single bad fan addresses the problem.

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Hey there, you mentioning that it was getting stuck on "red" and the presence of an MSI motherboard makes me think maybe they snuck some of their back end stuff that either didn't uninstall if you had some MSI software previously, or it just lays low since it's not a "program" that gets listed in Programs & Apps by Windows.

Try checking iCUE's "integrations" tab in settings. I had to block the LEDKeeper2.exe because it'd randomly take over my entire setup to a solid red.

Still trying to figure out how to disable it from launching itself short of uninstalling it, but it's not connected to its own service... But I digress.


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