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Corsair TX750M Type 4 Cable Max Wattage

Mac B

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I have a Corsair TX750M, it contains 2 sets of Type 4 PCIE 8pin x2 daisy chain cables (4 8pin PCIE outputs in total).

I would like to know the maximum safe power draw for these Type 4 cables when connected to a GPU in the case of using a either a single 8 pin PCIE output or both 8 pin PCIE headers in the daisy chain, if there is a difference.

Is there a limit before damage is done to the PCIE connector / plastic / cable for type 4 PCIE connectors?



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PCIE 8 pin is rated at 150W by the ATX spec.

the corsair pigtail cables seem to have a bigger wire gauge to cope with two connectors but the cable will warm up a bit.

It's always best practice to use discrete cables as much as possible


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