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Corsair iCUE 5000x Build

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Felt a video link would best show off how beautiful this build is: https://imgur.com/gallery/BOgBeA3

I hope Corsair sees this!

This replaced a 12 year old AMD Phenom system. The amount of pride and accomplishment I feel after building this has been amazing. Sometimes I sit at my desk and find myself just staring at this case. 

Corsairs products and RGB offerings really allow me to express myself. I’ve already made a few different “themes” with my PC and have shown these to friends, and they’re all blown away!


I went wayyy over budget! All I’m missing is getting the Virtuoso XTs in the future. Corsair! If you have any surplus refurbished pairs or die hard fan discount codes remember meee!



Corsair iCue 5000x RGB Case

Corsair RM1000x PSU

Corsair H150i Elite Cappelix 360mm AIO

4x Corsair SP120 RGB Elite 120mm Fans

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Mouse

Corsair Gaming K65 RGB Mechanical Keyboard 

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB 3600Mhz CL18 

Corsair XTM50 Thermal Paste

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra

Lian-Li Strimer Plus ATX + 3x8Pin 


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  • Corsair Employees

Thank you for sharing this! This was so mesmerizing! I didn't realize it was looping until a while in - it was just so smooth. When you say you went over budget, I'm sure its not your fault but just the fault of the demands in the world. Great job!

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6 hours ago, Corsair Fer said:

Do you have a picture/video to share of your whole setup?  


How did you like working with the 5000x?

Wow! What an honor! Sure!

I “thought it would be cool” to add some music and stuff to really amp it up! It’s royalty free. I think it looks best when the lights are off in terms of the RGB but I can get another video with lights if you want to see that.

Link to video: https://imgur.com/gallery/Tg1dabu

Link to “Bane Theme” Video (silent, no text)



Just wanted to also let you and the community know that my Powered By Corsair PC:

Broke the WORLDS BEST 3DMark FireStrike Extreme Score (of systems comprised of Ryzen 7 5800x + RTX 3080 TI) 


Placed 31st in top 100 3DMark FireStrike Extreme Scores (of those who have a RTX 3080 TI)


This system benchmarks better than 99% of all results


I’m EXTREMELY blown away with the iCue 5000x and the air performance it delivers. Fully populating all fans . It’s extremely pretty. Having this much RGB and the ability to customize, I spend a lot of time in iCue creating cool looks and taking pictures, some days I forget to game! 

If you’d like my feedback about my build experience, the only real hiccup I encountered was with my Corsair h150i Elite Cappelix 360 AIO. I wanted it on the top because I’ve been exposed to “tubes down”.

When I tried to install it on the top , my motherboard EPS/ATX12v cables (that come with RM1000x) are extremely rigid at the ends. The AIO was too thick height wise.


I would’ve had to have pressed with too much force and it would’ve smushed those cables like an L, so I had to place AIO on the side. The front wasn’t an option either because the AIO tubes were not long enough to reach, so the side was my only option. Totally fine with that because it’s still suckin in air from outside on the side, which is SWEEEEEET this case has that.

A RM1000X PSU with its cables takes up basically the entire bottom no way you’d be able to fit 3.5” HDD bays down there, had to take em out. Wasn’t a problem for me because I went NVME.

For somebody like me who has TEN RGB fans, Lian-Li Strimers, etc the amount of wires and control boxes in the back are getting close to maxing out the back of that cases wire management section, nvme saved me some space.

I spent hours meticulously cable managing and I still have to sorta smush my side panel glass on, the swinging side door doesn’t close flush (mainly due to the Strimers). I’m glad there is some flex to the back glass panel that compensated for this, super glad actually!

Coming from an Antec 900, the placement of openings and channels from the cable to hide wires is just so amazing, having that section in the back was cluuuuutch! My case looks SUPER CLEAN. Like, it CANNOT get any cleaner.  I think anyone who wants to build something top of the line should get this case. I went from a 12 year old system being out of date with hands on experience and I was able to put this together. I firmly believe Corsairs design and thoughtfulness helped me along.

Just the little touches like including things a rusty newb might not think of like the Corsair Branded Velcro loops to cable manage. I was like “Oooohhh SWEET YES! Gonna need these” even had a few leftover to cable manage under my desk! Mad nice.

Also, having stuff like removable hard drive bays, side fan cover, and L style cover for PSU area showed me this case was BIG TIME configurable to what you want or need.

Overall, an experience I will never forget!


Thank You Corsair!


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Great setup.  looks virtually the same spec I'm looking at doing.

How are you getting on with the ram with CL18.  The Corsair dominator platinum I'm looking at is CL18 (3600) and says its AMD optimised. 

But I also see that CL16 is the "sweet spot" with AMD. So what should I go for?

And I agree.  I think when I manage to get all my setup together I will spend far to much time playing with the iCue than actually using my pc for gaming.  I think Corsair should stop giving us so much control over the lighting options.....it's ruining lives!

To be honest I think I'm more looking forward to opening the boxes, building and setting my pc up than actually playing games on it!

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