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Black Screening / Video Card output switching off from iCUE

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Hello Support,


I am reviving the following topic as I cannot reply to it.

A bit of summary: basically at any time, the computer will stop sending signal and I end up with a black screen. It can be while watching youtube, playing games. No specific reason.

I am running the exact same component. An Asus Motherboard X79.

Asus Rampage iV extreme.

I7 4960X

Nvidia Strix 1080 TI OC

Icue: 4.13.223


First I checked the cabling, different monitor and I thought. Damn, my graphic card is dead as the issue was still there.

Then, as I have just bought a K100 and installed Icue. I decided to remove it. And guess what, the issue is gone. I have been playing any games without any issue.

This Issue has been there for 3+ years and Corsair has not done anything on it. Quite disappointing

I am now sitting with a 200£ keyboard where I cannot run any software with as it crashes my computer.



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