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QL 120 RGB Fans not displaying same color

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I installed my QL 120 RBG Fans in late December and recently noticed that when the fans are on a mono-color setting not all of the LEDs are the same color. I have tried fiddling with the individual fans and the only color where all of the LEDs are consistent is when it is set to 'Static Red' in iCue.  I have attached some images of when I set the iCue to the 'CORSAIR Yellow' scene.  Each of my fans has one or two LEDs that are not displaying the correct color...what could be causing this? 

Drivers and Software are up to date.




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The green LEDs are out. You'll have to get an RMA.

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J'ai le même problème LED de différentes couleurs en fonction de la couleur de base. J'ai désinstalé ICUE mais rien à faire.

Mon revandeur ALTERNATE me renvoi chez vous. J'ai 9 ventilateurs et seulement deux fonctionnent correctement.

Comment faire?


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