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ICUE and Commander Pro chain

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I am having problems with getting this all working.
The system for water pump etc all works it is the RGB lighting system that is not working.
Case 1000D Corsair.
I have two corsair commander pros. (Normal type)
Not Daisy chained as everywhere mentioned I cannot find the how to?
Three Lighting Node Core Hubs.
Two with 9 PIN USB connection direct into a Commander Pro
Third one came without the USB connector can I find one online nope? That is plugging into the LED socket on the Commander pro as per instructions.
The first CP had two LNC hubs plugged into it. 
Each LNC hub had four QLRGB Fans. Front panel.
Now I have just brought a new commander pro again and I cannot plug the LNC Hubs into the USB sockets, nothing works.
I can plug them both into the second commander pro again not the 1000D case one
These are not the original case commander pro.
Now both times I need five LED sockets but only have two available.
LED Sockets:
1 x CPU XC9 RGB Connection
1 x Water Pump XD5 RGB Connection
1 x Third LC Hub which came without a USB connection.
1 x Front panel 1000D Case connection
1 x LED RGB Strip. To make these work they just have power and are white only.
The new commander pro worked for ten seconds providing RGB Light to both CPU and Water pump I went into the ICUE setting and  now the pump XD5 do not work through the NEW commander pro. RGB Wise only.
In ICUE I can see two commander pros and ONLY two hubs.
The second commander pro is responsible for the top fans and back fans total of five fans. all QLRGB.
The graphic card and the Dominator RGB RAM are also working fine RGB Wise.
Commander Pro 1 has the USB Front hubs attached with a USB connection.
The second Commander Pro 2 should also show a HUB which I wrote to you before the Fans are working but did not have a 9 pin USB Connection on it. 
Do I need to Daisy chain the CPs?
Do I need a LNC with a 9 pin usb?
Why is the Water pump not coming on when I have a brand new CP?
Where am I going wrong?
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First ... that third "Lighting Node Core" isn't a LNC - it's an RGB Fan LED Hub. Different beast entirely even though they look almost identical. It should be connected to a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro if needed for fans. 

Next ... get yourself an internal USB Hub. NZXT's is the most common choice. You don't need to daisy chain the Commander Pros. This relates to plugging one CP's USB into the other CP's USB ports. And it's super-easy to be off-by-one when plugging anything into those ports. 

Third ... the front panel RGB has a pass-through at the end of it. So you can put stuff at the end of it - like your strip or the fan hub. 

For the pump - how is the channel set up in iCUE? And ... how is it connected? Is it direct to the 3-pin header on there or did you use some kind of cable? 

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