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Undo option - Especially for accidental deselection of Lighting Effect keys


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I'm 100% sure this has been brought up before but if the feature was removed, it really needs to be added back.


It is far too easy to accidentally deselect all keys for a lighting effect.   There isn't even a UI border indicating areas in which a click will deselect all keys.


There should be something like a modifier or confirmation to deselect multiple keys when "accidentally" not clicking on a key. Even an undo history of 1 or 2 actions would be a huge benefit.




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I’m with you on this. I wanted it back the moment it was removed. Having to re-import a profile or re-create a complex lighting pattern from scratch as the result of one stray click is a giant pain. I don’t know what it takes to put it back, but several times a week I reach for the undo button that is no longer there. 

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