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CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX DDR 4 2X32GB showing as 32GB not 64GB

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Hi, having issues with my new RAM, seems that it is viewing the sticks as 16gb not 32gb

Below is my components and what i've trie so far, any ideas?


Windows 10 - 64 bit Operating System

Motherboard type – ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING


  • Ram in slots 1 and 3 on the motherboard
  • Windows shows 16gb when 1 stick is in and 32gb when 2 are in, bios shows the same.
  • Windows memory diagnostic – no errors on ram
  • Memtest86 – no errors
  • Checked in msconig that the maximum memory box was unticked
  • In Bios I reset by using “Load Optimized Defaults”




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Just reply incase anyone else has same issue.

Really obvious in the end, the motherboard has a max per slot, i just took the total of 64gb and assumed i could get that, but i can't unless i have 4 sticks, so my 2 sticks are down graded to 16gb....bit of a pain but at least i know the reason

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do you have the SKU number for the kit?

Edit: nvm ^^'

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