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10 fan setup (fan versions and airflow)


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I was browsing the Corsair forum and google while trying to decide which fans to use and where and how to set it all up when i found this gem (attached picture). However, the information found is about three years old is it still relevent?

My initial thought was to use:

  • 3+3 QL120 fans on the front and side intake (sweet, sweet RGB!)
  • 3 ML120 on the topmounted AIO (H150i PRO XT)
  • 1 AF120 in back vent (for that extra airflow) 

However, the information found is about three years old. Is it still relevent? A few post states that the Corsair HD120 is the best radiator fan.

I need help with my setup. Which fan to buy and where to place them...


10 rgb fan diagram.png

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There was a time where the HD's were the best radiator fans with RGB. That time is passed. Today, the ML's would be the best ones. The fans that come with your cooler will be the ML's.

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In this specific instance, you would put the 6 QL on one lighting channel/controller.  That will be a Lighting Node Core or the Commander Pro + RGB Hub.  If you do the Elite, you want the PWM control for the radiator fans on the Commander Core as that is the control device for the AIO.  Might as well put the RGB wires to that device as well to keep things simple.  If you do the XT, then the pump has 3 PWM headers for the radiator fans and the rear exhaust can be squeezed on the Commander.  Give one of the other QL pairs a 2 way PWM splitter.


You also might consider a single SP-Elite RGB for the rear exhaust if you do the Elite AIO.  This is an 8 LED center hub RGB fan and an exact match to the ML-Elite on the AIO.  It will slot in at #3 on the Commander Core for both RGB and PWM and match the top 2 fans.  If you do the XT, I would do more QL and 3x120 QL vs ML is not going to matter.  

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So if i got everything correctly the setup should look like this:

  • 3x QL120 in the front and 3x QL120 on the side.
    • Both connected (PWM and RGB) to a Commander Core utilizing all six spots.
  • 3x QL120 fans on the radiator.
    • PWM-connected to the pump.
    • RGB goes thru
      •  a second Commander Core.
      • alt. via RGB fan hub+Commander Pro.
  • 1x QL120 in the rear.
    • PWM and RGB connected to the second Commander Core/hub+Commander Pro.
  • Pump (H150i PRO XT)
    • Power thru SATA-cable.
    • RGB thru second Commander Core/hub+Commander Pro.


Question 1: Now the RGB and RPM can be monitored and controlled in iCUE?

Question 2: And the pumps RGB will work thru the RGB hub or Commander Core?

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You can use the Commander Core from your Elite kit with any build.  It is a stand-alone controller.  However, be aware the Elite H115i is useless without it.  It must have that Commander Core to receive power for the pump.  So you could use it now and then take it out for something else later, except that lighting profiles are specific to the device.  When you put a Lighting Node Core or whatever in to take it's place, you'll be re-programming all your QL effects that were on the previous controller.  Since you don't really need the Commander Core for it's PWM capabilities if you use the H150i XT, I would use a Lighting Node Core from one of the QL multi-packs to be the lighting controller.  It's smaller anyway.


The Commander Pro can handle all remaining fans not on the XT fan controller.  You just need 1 PWM splitter.  However, for RGB there is going to be a choice.  If you have any RGB Lighting Hubs from older fan sets like the ML or LL, that will connect to the Commander Pro's RGB port and power the remaining RGB fans.  If you do not, you can use another Lighting Node Core from the QL multi-packs.  Be aware C-Pro + LNC + LNC is 3 internal USB ports.  On Intel that should not be a problem and you can use the C-Pro's 2 passthrough ports.  


Q1: Yes, all fans will be speed and lighting controllable through the software.  7 via the Commander and 3 via the XT interface.  Lighting will be specific to whatever device to you decide to use.  


Q2: Pump RGB settings will be in the XT control panel, along with fan speed and pump speed.  


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