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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE doesn't work on LG Gram laptop

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I recently bought an LG Gram 14 laptop, and my Corsair Virtuoso SE via dongle won't work on it. The headset itself works fine when I use it with other computers, so it must be specific to the LG Gram configuration. The headset plays sound when I connect it via stereo jack. It does not play sound or receive microphone sound when used wirelessly with the dongle and I get error messages that the audio device is not available or not working properly. Windows troubleshooting says, "Audio service not responding".

I have the Corsair headset set to default audio device. iCUE is showing that the dongle and headset are paired and recognizes both. I have already unsuccessfuly tried to uninstall and reinstall iCUE and the Corsair drivers multiple times, and have updated iCUE to the latest version. I have the latest audio drivers for the LG Gram 14 installed.

System: Windows 10 Pro, 21H1, build 19043.1110

Is there anything else I could try short of reinstalling my whole Windows system? Is this something that Corsair can fix with a future iCUE update?

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Addendum: I have uninstalled iCUE to see what that does, and it didn't change anything. I tried switching off WiFi to rule out interference, with no effect. I tried the "pairing" functionality in iCUE, and it just keep searching for a pairing connection forever without success (the headset and the dongle still do pair, though). Interestingly, the microphone works fine, as I can record voice messages with it. It seems to be the playback that isn't working.

Corsair headset firmware is up to date. Windows itself and other softwares recognise the hardware as such (it's also listed in the Device Manager), but it won't play any sound through it. (Andy yes, I checked, the sound is not muted.) Wireless switch on the headset is on, headset lights are on, the dongle light is on, everything says it should be working, but it doesn't.

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