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ICUE 4.13.226 Dashboard still broken

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Dashboard on ICUE 4.13.226 is still broken.   The location of the tile that user changes are not saved.  The icons within the Commander Tile are not saved.  Every time i start up the computer, i have to drag tile to the position that i preferred.   Also within the Commander Pro Tile, the changes i made are not saved.  and we still cant change the Device Name.  I have 2 commander pro.  One of them would be Commander Pro (1).  i cant change the name of it.





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I can confirm this, I have to drag all mine around too on every startup.

 Another thing which is pretty annoying is that I have to add my wireless battery status to the dashboard on every startup too.

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Can also confirm that every time I boot the PC I have to move the sensors back to where I like them on my dashboard.

It does not save those positions between boots.

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