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iCUE for Mac disconnects Ethernet

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I use a headset (Virtuoso SE), a dock(ST100 RGB) and a keyboard(K65 RGB mini) on a MacBook Pro M1 13.
This hardware is connected to a Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock (Model F4U097vf) with an Ethernet connection

For the past few weeks the ethernet connection disconnects (USB 10/100/1000 LAN) as soon as the iCUE software loads to run the devices.

I had a hard time identifying that this was a problem that originated from your software.
For your information:
1 - I contacted Belkin support first
2 - I contacted Apple support second
3 - I reinstalled Mac OS X Big Sur
4 - I reset the NVRAM
5 - I finally rebooted in safe mode

It is at this point that I noticed that everything works well until loading iCUE (version 4.13.226)

The hardware drivers are as follows:
ST100 RGB - v 0.04.106
K65 RGB Mini - v 0.14.28
Virtuoso SE Dongle - v 5.5.99
Virtuoso SE Headset - v 5.2.68

When I disable the loading of iCUE at startup, the ethernet connection is maintained
As soon as I launch the software the ethernet connection is deactivated
If I leave the software the ethernet connection is not restored I am obliged to restart.

You would be very kind to check on your side and perhaps update your software iCUE for Mac OS X

Otherwise the devices I bought from you are all less than a year old. Do I have to go through the official support?

Thanks again for your answer, I hope my case will help the community.

I look forward to hearing from you

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