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Multiple DRGB Connectors and ICue / Commander Pro

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HI folks,

I am trying to find the correct way to introduce a number of D-RGB items, into a full iCue setup.

QL120 Fans x 10

3 Pull on bottom 360 rad
3 Push on top 360 rad
3 on case 'side vent' (unsure if push/pull till I test!)
1  on rear of case

(I may add 3 more QL120 as pull fans on the bottom rad - still unsure about clearance!) 

These are connected to a commander pro with fan splitters
2 x lighting node core that came with the fans are also used.

I also have 2 led strip that I am yet to mount / use - and I assume they will want to plug into the commander pro as well - relevant as that's how I think I will need to use for the D-RGB components.

The D-RGB components are:

Integrated pump/reservoir (EK)
CPU and VRM Block (EK)
GPU Water block (EK, )
Case (Lian Li, O11 Dynamic XL)

The motherboard is an ASUS Dark Hero.


So the questions:

1 - Is there an optimal way to connect all of DRGB devices to the iCue system? 

I have seen this post: 

 (and the video!)

But leaves me to think that if I can source the adaptors, I will still be short of inputs to connect them to? (only the 2 x led sockets on the commander pro available, and I may need to use those for the LED's?)

2 - Is there a 'daughter' hub, that will just plug into the commander pro, and I can connect all of the DRGB items to that?

3 - Can I get a DRGB Hub, connect that to the ASUS Dark Hero Mobo, and have iCue able to recognise and control everything?

Any help appreciated!

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You are going to want to use a PWM repeater (of whatever brand) to offload some of the fan motor current.  10 QL on splitters is pushing your luck.  Also, 5 semi-decent 2 way PWM splitters will likely cost you slightly more than any PWM hub.  Aside from the rear exhaust, you won't need individual control and will run the fans in their natural bank of 3.  The PWM hub will connect to 1 port on the Commander Pro and then all fans connected to the SATA powered end will run the same speed.  This is how I run mine with the PWM hub taking the 3/6 fans on the MB wall.  You can either double up with two rads running the same fan speeds (depending on your configuration) or then supplement the Commander with a few 2 way PWM splitters (2) to fit the other banks of 3 into a 2+1 on two PWM headers.  You will need to save 1 PWM header for the pump.


That was the easier part.  For all the EK lighting stuff, you are going to need adapters and a lot of lighting channels.  Most of the EK stuff does not daisy chain and while you can use custom RGB splitters to do the same thing, you then need to have identical (or at least very close) LED counts per device.  I am wondering if you have the Formula bridge and I don't have LED count for that device.  Either way, you likely will wind up wanting 1 RGB channel for EACH of those devices.  Assuming you dump the QL onto the Lighting Node Cores from the multi-packs, that leaves 2 are on the Commander Pro.  That likely can be CPU/VRM and GPU strip.  You will want to pick up a Lighting Node Pro, either from retail or eBay.  That will be 2 more RGB channels for pump/res and then the 30 LED case strip.  The case strip has decent RGB effects from its own controllers, but you can have it both ways.  Mode 10 on the front button will drop control off to whatever is connected on the other end, MB or Corsair controller.  However, once again you are going to need 3rd party adapters to make all of the EK stuff connect to the Corsair controllers and of course it is not officially supported.  


CUE should recognize the Asus MB when the Asus plugin is enabled.  This does require Armory Crate to be installed for its services.  

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Thanks c-attack - just back from 2 days away working, will dig into this more tomorrow!

I was hoping the commander-pro with its usb header would be sufficient power for the 10 fans - would two commander-pro be a solution as that would up the led channels as well?

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The Commander gets its power from a SATA connector, but once you get to around 10 fans you are starting to run a higher risk.  The official limit is 6.  That said, I ran 10 for years but it ended like you would expect -- with some of the headers dropping off.  The Commander has a lot to do with both 12v current for fans and 5v current for RGB.


Two Commanders will provide you additional RGB lighting channels and provide more fan headers.  This can work too and it's really a matter of economics (Commander Pro cost vs PWM hub + Lighting Node Pro).  It should be close enough in cost you can choose on preference.  In a tighter case I might push you toward the smaller repeater and LNP devices, but in the XL you can do 2 Commanders without much difficulty -- assuming you won't be filling the back end with HDDs.  I've run two when I am fan/radiator testing for the extra temp sensor inputs.  



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