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Corsair RGB Pro stick lighting in the wrong direction

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Evening all,


I've been running my 2 8GB sticks for the last 3 months without too many problems. Today I took delivery of the RGB Pro Lighting Enhancement Kit to occupy the 2 free DIMMs on my board. Now, for some reason, the far right stick (8GB, DIMM 4) is running the rainbow effect from bottom to top while the other 3 slots are running it from top to bottom.


I've checked the iCue and rotated the stick in the settings but it's made no different. According to iCue the sticks are all running in the same direction. I've re-seated all 4 sticks too, just in case, but with the same results. Any suggestions? I've found a number of posts on various sites from people with the same issue, but with no real resolution.



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