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Confused about LED/RGB cables and connectors


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I bought an XH305i kit, it comes with a Commander Pro and an RGB hub. In addition to a set of RGB fans of course the pump/res and CPU block also have LEDs. Unless I am missing something basic (I think and hope that is the case) I cannot hook up both the reservoir and the CPU LEDs.


Each of the two has a 3-pin LED connector, and the Commander pro has provisions to connect 32 @ 3-pin LED leads. The issue is I have to i=use one of these ports to connect the RGP hub so I only have one 3-pin slot open. I cannot hook either of the two 3-pin connectors to the hub since it uses the 4-pin connectors for RGB devices.


That scenario is something I feel like complaining about until it sinks in that I'm just too dumb to figure it out. One reason I bought an in-the-box kit is so I did not have missing or mismatched components, and I doubt Corsair would produce a kit like this and leave something out like that.


So, what do I need to do now?

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The reservoirs and the GPU blocks (which you don't have but I'm including for completeness) have an LED in and an LED out ... so you can daisy-chain them together.


In your case, you'll connect the CPU block to the LED out from the pump. The CPU block has to be at the end.

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