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How are the H100i RGB Pro XT Fans RGB'd ?


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Hi all,


I originally made a post in the Cases section, as query was relating to the Lighting Core unit on my Corsair 4000x case....



Question here is:

How the Lighting effects managed on the H100i RGB Pro XT cooler ?


Assembling the kit, i get a radiator with the CPU block, and attached to the CPU block is 2 wires.

1 is a SATA power cable wire, and the other, is a 2way split for PWM type connector for the Radiator fans....

I also got the USB lead which connects CPU block to USB header on Mobo.



So when powered up, the icue software will see the CPU block and let me manage the colours, it also reconises the RPM of the 2 fans on the radiator.


However, there are no Lights on the Fans.......

I got no idea how to get them lit up ?

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just realised its a very misleading title from Corsair...

I guess calling it "H100i RGB Pro XT but only cpu block is RGB and fans are standard so its not quite an RGB Pro AIO" is a bit long....


No RGB in the Fans :(

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The H100i Platinum is the same unit but with RGB fans and the required internal lighting controller to make them work. Obviously that added to the unit cost. The XT actually came later for those that did not want the RGB fans or preferred the lower price. Both units have been replaced the the Elite series. The H100i Elite comes with 2 RGB fans and a combo PWM/RGB controller for 6 fans.
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