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H115i Elite Capellix temps on CPU

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Just got a new build, and with it a few questions and concerns.


I was getting some odd temps, so set bios to default, in the event it had been changed during the build by PCS.


And now, the temps are a little lower, but relative to the load they're very high. All fans are blasting at max from what I can see.


Help? :)


What info can I give to help this support process :)


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well, reseting the bios to default, you disabled XMP, so your ram is running way slower than it should (2133 instead of 3600), but that's another problem :)


it looks a bit warm.. what temperature do you have in the room? you don't have the case back against the wall in a room corner where it would endlressly recirculate warm air?

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I noticed my RAM speed had dropped, but wasn't too fussed at present, as I've not really played anything on the system due to me obsessing over these temps.


And, erm, are you spying on me? The tower is under my desk, in a corner.... it is a large desk, so it's not cramped.


Ambient temp is a little over 27 at the moment.


I put it under there, as the fans were loud enough for my Wave 3 to pick up with ease :(

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if it's 27 in the room and the tower is down in a fairly enclosed space, it will keep recirculating hot air with the results you have here.


What i would do is put it back on the desk, re-enable XMP/DOCP, and create fan curves in iCUE for the H115i. For the case fans, you can create quieter fan curves in BIOS or in Asus AI suite in windows.


The defaut fan curves for the cooler are notoriously bad and you have to make your own depending on your usual ambient temp.

Always keep the H115i temperature as control variable for the watercooler (this is basically the water temperature).


Maybe as a starting point, you could set fans at full speed at 45° water temperature, and set them at 25 or 30% PWM at 28°, and create a control curve between these two points, see how noisy it is in use, and adjust from there.


For the case fans, AI suite allows you to control fan speed with your GPU temperature. since it's the hottest component in the case you could use it to create a smimilar kind of curve

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After dinner, I'll post a photo or two of proposed locations for the tower - and get your feedback, if that is okay? It won't go on my desk, as I have two monitors + work laptop.


Thank you for the support, LeDoyen!

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Okies, current desk setup - not really space for the 5000X to go :/


I could straighten my TV, then place the tower behind it OR I can move the TV to the side-edge and place the tower side-by-side with the TV?



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well the tower doesn't HAVE to be on the desk. the important bit is that it has room to breathe. If it's out of sight, simply pulling it a good bit away from the wall maybe enough. Or having a small table fan on the floor, circulating air under the desk.

You want to avoid creating a "bubble" of warm air where the PC will sit, basically

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A fan anywhere will help. If there isn’t any room air circulation, you get a hot zone no matter where you put it.


I don’t really see an issue with the coolant to cpu differential, so room/case heat management is the place where you can make gains.

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