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4000x Case + Lights + fans

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Hi all (new guy here)..


Have looked at other posts to do with this case, and Icue, but not seen a thread which is similar, hoping you guys might be able to say if i am doing something wrong! :)


Few days ago, purchased: Corsair stuff + Msi AMD B450 Tomahawk Max II mobo.....


Case: Corsair 4000x (has the 6 socket lighting core, of which 3 are used for the front case fans).

Rear Fan: iCUE SP120 RGB Pro (for my exhaust) - has 2 cables, power plugged into Mobo, and the RGB cable which has the yellow tag on it, is plugged into the "6 socket lighting core" .....


Cooler: H100i RGB Pro XT

RAM: T-Force RGB Ram.


The cooler has the 2 pwm plugs coming off the fans which connect to the block + sata power. The block has the USB cable plugged into Mobo...

When i boot up, the 3 Fans on front of PC = Light up

The RAM lights up.

The CPU Block lights up.......

The Cooler fans & the rear fan = Do Not light up :(


I load up the Icue software, it shows the CPU block, but nothing about the fans...

It shows the lighting core, but as i got no manual, i have no idea which options to select under "lighting setup / lighting channel", etc....

Either way, for whatever reason, the rear case fan & cpu cooler fans dont appear, and dont light up....

No idea why ? :(

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i got 2 RGB ports on the Mobo, but on the H100i RGB cooler, you get x2 PWM leads from the fans, thats it...

Coming off the CPU block, u get the CPU Pin lead, and a Sata Power leader..

Then the 9pin/USB cable that comes with the cooler plugs into the USB mobo port..


I guess it would make sense to see a seperate RGB lead coming off the fans in theory, but as the fans connect to the cpu block, i guess its an all-in-one connector ??


As said, the CPU block does light up and shows up in the Icue software......

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