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iCue v3.38.61

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Hi there guys!


Recently, after the iCue 4 came out, I started using it, it had not much problems at first sight, but as days gone by, I realized that the software, after some hour, simply stops controlling the RAM (Vengeance pro rgb) and the VGA (RTX 2080ti ROG Strix).


So, I switched back to the latest version 3 (3.38.61), and it turns out, it does the very same thing... just takes for it a bit longer to kick in.


So, whenever I use iCue (it starts up with windows), after like 5-8 hours, it stops controlling either the ram, or the vga, or both... the bug always differs.


I have a Corsair cooler (H150 pro) and Corsair keyboard also (k95), those are always working fine, no problem at all.


I have installed aura from asus (its needed for iCue to be able to control it), and also have the MSI Dragon (without Mysticlight).


Whenever the controlling bugs out (stops controlling the ram and/or the vga), the color just stays at the same as the moment it was when it bugged out (I obviously don't know when exactly that happens), and from that point on, if I restart iCue, or stop every iCue services altogether and restart that way (soft vs hard restart), it can't detect either the ram or the vga anymore.


If the vga bugs out like this, than even AURA cant control it anymore (it literally stays that color up until I restart the system).


What causes this, and how can I fix it?


Has it got anything to do with VPNs? I have an arctis wireless headset, in the past, VPNs (namely nordvpn) messed around with it: if i connected to a VPN, the steelseries engine software wasnt able to change profiles anymore.


Thanks for the help,

Have a nice one

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Its more than shameful that after 4 months, there is 0 answer on the official forum for a simple problem

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