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3080's power cables daisy chained instead of two separate ones? Is this normal?

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Purchased a i7200 with 3080 a few months ago and noticed that the 3080's cables were daisy chained using a single cable that splits into two headers instead of the recommended two separate 8-pin cables.


Is this common for other Vengeance PC users and I wonder if this can contribute to stability issues? I was advised that the 3000 series GPUs should be ran with two separate power cables.

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Yes, mine is daisy chained. I had black screen stability issues that were solved with a GPU sag brace. I have a backup power supply from earlier trouble shooting that I'm hanging on to just in case and will run 2 cables if I ever put it back in. For now though, I haven't encountered any issues running the included 750M with 1 cable.
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