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ICUE K100 Hardware Lighting not working

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Hello Guys,

so i am trying to set up Hardware Lighting on my new K100, but it just wont work.

So i set up the Lighting Effects in the Hardware lighting Tab, altough i didnt got any visual response from the keyboard. (it stays black while selecting colors etc.)


Then i saved the Profile on the Keyboard it self by using a Profile slot.


But it doesnt work. What am i doing wrong?

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I'm also looking for some help w/ the RGB lighting when iCue isn't running. When iCue is running the default RGB theme I have saved works fine but when iCue isn't running or my PC is locked the keyboard is completely dark, no lighting at all. How do I keep the keyboard lit when iCue isn't running or when my PC is locked?


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I am having the same issue with my k100.  Even though I have profiles saved to the keyboard, the keyboard will only load the profiles if iCue is open.  EXTREMELY frustrating.  I have spent hours trying to figure this out and the few times I find someone requesting help from Corsair for the same issue, they get completely ignored.  Spreading the word, Corsair's stuff doesn't work and they don't take care of their customers!

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I have the same issue.  I have the keys selected and a solid colour yet I get a blacked out K100.  Very frustrating.  Has anyone solved this?

Hardware Lighting.png

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Posted (edited)

Something is amiss here.  I just attempted to save a new profile to the K100 to test the above.  Instead it deleted all 10 of my previous profiles and the default HW Profile is the only remaining item in the Device Settings.  Same blackout condition as above.  Attempt to inspect other hardware profiles for the K100 is causing CUE to crash.  


CUE 4.23.137



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Hi Guys,

I had same issue and I found something.
Go to iCUE Settinga -> Software and Games -> And check what's there.

In my case there was LEDkeeper2.exe blocking hardware lightning.

Hope it'll help.

Cheers, Chris

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