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Macros I didn't program are driving me crazy

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I have a K70 Vengeance keyboard (model CH-9000067-NA).


It's worked fine for years, but seemingly out of nowhere it will suddenly execute strange macros that make my session unusable (lots of windows pop up, I cannot type anything, etc.) If I unplug my keyboard, it calms down but in order to actually stop it I have to log out of my profile and restart. Then it might or might not happen again after restart.


I've read several threads about this problem. The first suggestion was to hard reset they keyboard by unplugging it, holding ESC and plugging the keyboard back in. Hold ESC for 5 seconds and let go, and the keyboard should flash to indicate it's successfully restarted. This never works for me-- I never get the flash indicating the reset has occurred.


Next I read that I should flash my keyboard using the iCUE app, which I had not installed before. I downloaded it and started it up, and it does not recognize my keyboard at all! It recognizes the internal hardware (CPU, GPU, etc.) but I don't see the keyboard and there doesn't seem to be any way to manually install or have the app search for it.


i was looking for some other older software (Corsair Gaming?) that might help me to disable macros, but I don't see this software available for download and similarly I don't see a product page for my keyboard where I could manually download drivers or firmware.


I'm at my wit's end here. Can someone help me out with this problem?

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