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Harpoon wireless Click voice

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I just got a Harpoon wireless mouse. The left mouse button clicks are a LOT softer than right click . I don't mind too much, since it makes the mouse quieter, but my left click is noticeably softer than my right click. So much so that if I need to hold down the right click (say, to charge a shot in lol) I will frequently release the charge unintentionally, and without feeling anything. Are the mouse switches just low quality, or is there something wrong with my mouse? Should I exchange it? Does anyone else have this mouse? Left click almost has no click sound at all. What should i do ?
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Hi pantergri123,


I'm personally using the Harpoon wireless mouse right now on my workstation. My left and right buttons are both very audible. The left button is actually louder than the right, I've had no issues with it ever since I got it. It sounds like your unit might have a defective or weak left mouse button.


Open a ticket with our support team and they'll be happy to help you with a replacement.

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