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Reverse/Direction option for Custom Wave?

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Is there some way to do a custom wave effect and have it start from the opposite end as normal? The Predefined - Color Wave effect has a "direction" option that does this. There isn't one on the Custom - Wave effect and it really needs one. This is totally limiting.


I have a lot of LS100 strips setup and am trying create a wave effect that travels in a circle around a setup of strips and LT100 towers but would need to have a "direction" option to achieve this. I'm using iCue 3 - I assume this isn't any different in iCue 4 but maybe? This said, I believe I can achieve what I'm trying to by setting up Custom Gradient on each individual LED with offsets to the start time on each subsequent LED - this will simulate the Wave effect but will be an incredibly tedious way to do it.


And if this is not possible is there a place for suggestions for future updates?

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There is a workaround if you have a Corsair keyboard. The KB custom wave lighting effects have a vector. If you create and then copy it to the lighting library, the new global lighting parameters may allow that “180 degree wave” to transfer in that state to a fan/strip controller. I have not tested every device and combination, but this does allow me to run opposing direction waves on my Commander Pro + QLx6.
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