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Epox 9NDA3J and Corsair PC4000PT


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i've just bought an Epox 9NDA3J mainboard (NF3 ultra,slim version of the 9NDA3+) and i cannot run stable anything with 2 sticks of PC 4000PT at 1T command even at 220 Mhz.


I saw that these modules are listed for 9NDA3+ mainboard in the compatibility chart but they are incompatibile with my 9NDA3J, atleast my modules.


I'm using the latest bios for mobo.


Even tried with 1 stick in single channel and no go, but it's working fine with Twinmos PC3700 and even Kingmax PC4000/3200 command rate 1 'till 250/233 Mhz.


pls help me 'cause the sistem it's used for 3d design(and time costs money :D) and i've choosed corsair they are the best.


and who can tell me what IC's theese memory modules are using?


stick 1:

Corsair PC4000PT v2.1



stick 2:

Corsair PC4000PT v2.1



Thanks in advance.

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