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iCue 4.13 randomly saving dashboard

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Hi!, I found that iCue software doesn't save your dashboard, or the Sensors layout on the home, also sometimes motherboard/other devices are detected, sometimes are missing,


It's weird as I tried to uninstall/clear registry etc, reinstall, try again, same results,


Also if I need some level of persistence on the dashboard I manually have to quit iCue, and reopen, but this is not reliable or the proper way, I may be ok if you guys add a button to save layout at least, but don't see why this can't be saved every time that you do a change on the layout.


I also get different behaviors/layouts if I shutdown the PC vs restart,


I'll probably call this a beta as seems to need a bit more polishing,


Any ETA on when these issues may be resolved?, I changed my ecosystem from razer (which I thought that wasn't good, until I started experienced so many random issues with corsair),




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My dashboard and sensors randomly disappear and I have to redo them in iCue.

This is very annoying.


Mine has been doing this as well from the very first release. It would be nice if Corsair would add a "Save" button and read the config on reboot so we don't have to keep setting it up after the inevitable random dashboard reset.

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