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Corsair QL120RGB Issue

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Hello, recently i have been experiencing this "Bug" or whatever you wanna call it, where it makes my Corsair exhaust fan lighting not work as it should, i've tried lots of things such as updating iCUE, switching light modes and reinstalling icue and so on, nothing seems to work, is this something that has happened to other people as well?


What should i do? RMA it? or do yall think it's the iCUE having a bad patch?





^^ video for how it looks. What i'm talking about the red color that gets "stuck".



for reference the pc is 4 months old. :confused::confused:

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looks like a dead green die.

you have all variations of colors that don't involve green.

when it shifts from red to orange (adding green), it stays just red.

when it switches to yellow (removing red) you see red dimming, and blue comes normal, purple too (adding red), but all the colors involving green are not here.


looks like RMA material to me

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